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bag of dungeon a fantasy adventure game by gunpowder studios

Bag of Dungeon - A fantasy adventure board game

A new tile-based dungeon-crawler game of exploring, slaying monsters and stealing treasure. Packed into a single bag, BoD is an easy-to-learn adventure game where 1-4 players enter a magical underground labyrinth on a quest to find the Ring of Creation before escaping with their lives and their loot.

A fantasy adventure game in a bag… in a box!

kastles card game best game to take on holiday

Kastles Medieval Mayhem - A krackingly good castle defence card game

Pit your wits against your enemies and watch them crumble in defeat as you defend your stronghold and plot their destruction.

Every game is different as you use your cards to plan your attacks – deploying gunpowder, flaming arrows, lethal catapults, saboteurs and even a wizard to control and command the fearsome dragon.

Great fun for the young to the middle ages

Now available in both a soft pack or a shiny deluxe tin!


Gunpowder News

Bag of Dungeon – it can really kill a party

Bag of Dungeon – it can really kill a party

We had a lot of choices to make while we were designing Bag of Dungeon. While a lot of the early development and playtesting was about simply making it work mechanically, much of the later development focused on game balance, specifically how challenging the game...

What would you do next in the game Bag of Dungeon?

What would you do next in the game Bag of Dungeon?

It's the last few moves of the game. All 40-floor tiles are out and the fighter (blue meeple) has managed to secure the ring! But wait! He is trapped between a mummy, a mud-monster and a werewolf. Let alone the dragon who's waiting at the exit.It's your turn as the...