Gunpowder Studios is a small design company with big ideas. We are card game designers, illustrators, web architects and writers and we work together in almost perfect harmony with all sorts of clients.

From web projects to traditional print design we can help. Creativity with a spark!

“Kastles is The best game groats can buy”

Kastles Card Game – Medieval Mayhem

A krackingly good fun castle defence card game where every game is different. Use your cards to plan your attacks – deploying gunpowder, flaming arrows, lethal catapults, saboteurs and even a wizard to control and command the fearsome dragon.

A simple table top family card game that’s perfect for the young to the Middle Ages

“Pull them up! and take them down”

Tight Red Pants Card Game

Grab your tight red pants from the bottom drawer and lead our band of heroes into battle, claim back the streets and save the public from certain disaster.

TIGHT RED PANTS It’s time to pull them up, and take them down!