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Welcome to 7 Moons: Heroes of Dragon Reach

A fantasy adventure board game for 1-4 players

7 Moons: Heroes of Dagon Reach

Available October*

The magical kingdom in which 7 Moons is set, is woven richly into the game, giving players an immersive experience with them at the heart of the adventure.

You play royal emissaries, sent out by your monarch into the kingdom of Dragon Reach to ready your city for war against the approaching Shadow Army.

How will you raise enough gold to strengthen your city’s defences and recruit allies to fight with you? Will you trade resources on the volatile market, hoping for a healthy profit? Will you risk venturing into the lawless wilderness for its magical riches? Or will you embark on a quest in aid of others to earn your gold?

Trade, build and defend the realm

Whichever you choose, you have no time to lose. At the rising of the 7th moon, the Shadow Army will attack.

Those best prepared will have the greatest chance of surviving the monstrous onslaught. The rest will not live to see another moon.

7 Moons is an easy to learn, fun to play game of strategy, acquisition and adventure in a mythical, magical land.

custom meeples

All games contain custom wooden meeples exclusive to 7 Moons

We’re minted!

Our deluxe edition contains shiny gold coins and extra custom meeples

7 Moons: Heroes of Dagon Reach Deluxe a fantasy adventure family board game for 1-4 players
7 moons board game custom wooden meeples

7 Moons Deluxe


  • 7 Moons board game
  • 7 Moons velvet bag with 46 gold (metal) Dragon Reach coins
  • 18 wooden ally meeples
  • 9 wooden wilderness encounter campfires
7 moons - Heroes of Dragon Reach a fantasy adventure game for 1-4 players gold coins

Available October*

The challenge of 7 Moons is to get your city’s defences ready before the Shadow Army arrives and attacks. You have very little time, and there are many ways to raise gold to build strongholds and recruit allies, so your choices are important factors in your success or failure in protecting your city – and the whole realm – from the marauding hordes of evil creatures heading your way – fast.  

7 moons - Heroes of Dragon Reach
7 moons fantasy board game

* This is the estimated delivery date for 7 Moons. Times may change due to shipping winds being ‘light to variable’ internationally.