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Bag of Dungeon a fantasy adventure board game

Dare you enter the Dragon’s lair?

Bag of Dungeon is a tabletop (dungeon crawler) board game of exploring deadly catacombs, fighting monsters and stealing treasure.

A complete adventure in a bag

Ages 7 to adult – 1-4 players

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Bag of Dungeon 2: The Cursed Forest board

Can you save the Cursed Forest?

Bag of Dungeon 2: The Cursed Forest is a standalone fantasy adventure game for 1-4 players and an expansion for Bag of Dungeon.

Dare you enter the deadly forest realm to seek the ancient Maiden Tree and lift the curse?

Play on it’s own or connect with Bag of Dungeon

Ages 7 to adult – 1-4 players

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LEGENDS - bag of dungeon character expansion cards

Up your game with the Legends character expansion

The Bag of Dungeon LEGENDS extra characters pack is an add-on for any BoD game. Includes a new wizard, halfling and minotaur, each with new abilities, and new skills for the original Bag of Dungeon characters.

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Bag of Dungeon figures out now!

Upgrade your Bag of Dungeon game with official plastic figures. From meeples to minis

Buy Bag of Dungeon (braned) figures
7 Moons: Heroes of Dragon Reach the board game

War is coming! Save Dragon Reach from the Shadow Army

Trade, deliver and defend your kingdom. In 7 Moons a magical open-world adventure is woven richly into the game, giving players an immersive experience with them at the heart of the story.

Ages 7 to adult – 1-4 players

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Kastles a fun and fast castle defense card game for 2-4 players

Kastles: Castle Defence Card Game

Kastles is a fast and furious battling card game. Pit your wits against your enemies and watch them crumble in defeat as you defend your stronghold and plot their destruction.

Ages 7 to adult – 2-4 players

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Rabbito Featured in Best Games Magazine of 2023

Rabbito: A game for pushy rabbits

It’s every rabbit for themselves in this delightful roll ‘n’ run family game of competitive carrot rustling for 2 to 4 players.

A fun, wooden bunny board game for little rabbits (ages 5) up to big bunnies! One of your five-a-day board games

Ages 5 to adult – 2-4 players

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