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The Gunpowder Plot

We’re an indie board game design company based in London. We aim to create original, immersive games that have the widest possible appeal, whether you’re a regular tabletop gamer or you just love a Sunday afternoon sit-down with the family.

We mostly make fantasy and magical games set in fantasy and magical worlds (see Bag of Dungeon and 7 Moons) but also create original kids games, games for solo play and games of strategy (see Kastles), that anyone can enjoy from young to old. We enjoy working in this area and have many more games planned for the coming future.

We generally launch our games on Kickstarter to literally kickstart them which gives us the funding to bring a game, if we get funded that is, to the market.

We value and care about our planet and gaming community and think tabletop games bring people together and thank all who support us on our creative ideas and board-gaming quests.

We are a small dedicated team that tries to make big games fit into small boxes.

The Gunpowder Team

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