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Bag of Dungeon Hall of Fame

All hail to High King Robert!

Wiseleaf had always been drawn to adventure, so when he heard rumours of a cursed forest, he couldn’t resist the call. He gathered his trusty companions, a skilled rogue named Trigg and a trusty half-ogre named Neokor, and they set off towards the Cursed Forest of Calen Taur.

As they entered the dungeon, they could feel the dark magic around them. But Wiseleaf was determined to make it through and onto the forest beyond.

After defeating the Red Dragon, and retrieving the ring, the party finally emerged into the cursed forest. Wiseleaf guided his companions towards the end game, carrying the heavy burden that is the ring of creation. They fought their way through the treacherous forest and battled even more hordes of cursed creatures to eventually reach the maiden tree and lay her brood seeds.

This had a healing effect on the forest and cleared the monsters from within, but something distant also stirred. A scream rang out across the tree tops and Morna Gûl entered the forest… they knew the final battle was upon them.

Morna Gûl was a formidable opponent, but Wiseleaf and his companions fought valiantly, using all their skills and weapons to bring the sorcerer down. As Morna Gûl lay defeated, the cursed forest began to unravel, and the beauty and majesty of the realm returned.

Wiseleaf and his companions were hailed as heroes by the elves and all the people of the land. The elves named him High King Robert, Friend of the Elves, and he was beloved by all. He had saved the realm from darkness, and his legend lived on for generations to come.

The End

Adventure from bag of dungeon through to bag of dungeon 2 the cursed forest

Have you got what it takes to enter the Bag of Dungeon hall of fame? You must complete both games together.

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