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Bag of Dungeon Hall of Fame

All hail to Jakob the Destroyer!

In the shadowed depths of the forgotten dungeon, Neokor, a formidable half-ogre, ventured in search of the fabled Ring of Creation. His path was fraught with peril: Trolls with skin like stone, Mud monsters oozing from the walls, relentless Zombies, Monks guarding ancient secrets, and cunning Goblins. Each encounter tested Neokor’s might and wit, but none could deter him from his quest.

The final guardian of the dungeon, a fearsome Red Dragon, awaited at the exit, its scales glinting like molten lava. A battle of epic proportions ensued, with Neokor’s brute strength clashing against the dragon’s fiery breath. Victory was hard-won, but the half-ogre emerged triumphant, stepping into the verdant expanse of the Calen Taur forest.

The forest, ensnared by a malevolent curse, whispered of the four brood seeds, keys to its salvation. Neokor’s journey through the dense woods was a treacherous one, beset by giant spiders weaving nightmares, wicked creatures lurking in the shadows, and treacherous swamps that sought to swallow him whole.

Upon placing the brood seeds at the roots of the ancient Maiden Tree, the evil wizard Morna Gul appeared, shrouded in dark magic. The ensuing battle was fierce, as Neokor’s raw power clashed with Morna Gul’s sorcery. In the end, Neokor stood victorious, the forest’s curse lifted.

Emerging from the forest with the Ring of Creation, Neokor entrusted it to the elves, guardians of ancient wisdom. The ring was safe, and with it, a tale for another day.

Bag of Dungeon 2

Have you got what it takes to enter the Bag of Dungeon hall of fame? You must complete both games together.

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play on its own or add to bag of dungeon 1