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Bag of Dungeon Hall of Fame

All hail to Lady Aurora and Lord Avery!

In the shadowy depths of the Labyrinth, Graken, a friendly yet formidable minotaur, and his companion, Firkin the halfling, embarked on a perilous quest. Their journey began in a dungeon teeming with lurking dangers. Goblins with mischievous eyes, slithering giant snakes in the dark, and mud monsters that emerged from the walls challenged their every step. Yet, with Graken’s strength and Firkin’s cunning, they fought bravely, their bond unbreakable against the tide of foes.

The most fearsome challenge awaited at the dungeon’s exit – a colossal red dragon, its scales shimmering like molten lava. With a combination of Graken’s brute force and Firkin’s agile maneuvers, they outwitted the beast, toppling it with a triumphant roar and claimed the ring of creation.

The next phase of their quest led them to the mystical Forest of Calen Taur. Here, amidst the ancient trees and dark roots, they sought the four brood seeds, guardians of the forest’s magic. Each seed was protected by twisted poisoned vines. With great skill, Graken and Firkin retrieved the seeds, placing them in the heart of the Maiden Tree, restoring balance to the forest.

But peace was short-lived. Morna Gûl, an evil sorcerer whose heart was as dark as the night, confronted them. His power was immense, but Graken and Firkin’s courage shone brighter. In an epic battle of magic and might, they vanquished Morna Gûl, his spell of darkness lifting like a dissipating fog.

As they emerged victorious, Graken held the ring they had found in the dungeon, now gleaming with a new light. It was the key to completing their quest, a symbol of their unyielding spirit and the enduring friendship that had carried them through trials and triumphs. Together, Graken and Firkin stood, the ring raised high, heroes of a tale that would echo through the ages. The ring will now make its way onward in the safe keeping of the elves. A tale for another day…

Bag of Dungeon 2

Have you got what it takes to enter the Bag of Dungeon hall of fame? You must complete both games together.

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play on its own or add to bag of dungeon 1