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Bag of Dungeon Hall of Fame

All hail to Lady Lily and Brian the Tall!

In a mystical realm, Umari the Wizard and Neokor the half-ogre embarked on a quest filled with danger and discovery. Their goal: to secure the legendary Ring of Creation, hidden deep within a treacherous dungeon. They braved various challenges, battling Trolls, Mud monsters, Zombies, Monks, and Goblins with a combination of magic and might.

After a fierce battle with a Red Dragon guarding the dungeon’s exit, the duo ventured into the foreboding forest of Calen Taur. Here, their quest took an unexpected turn. Amidst the towering trees and dense foliage, they encountered giant rats, creatures of unusual size and ferocity. These rats, with their razor-sharp teeth and surprising agility, added a new level of danger to their journey.

In the heart of the forest, they sought the four brood seeds, the key to lifting the forest’s curse. Giant spiders, wicked spirits, and treacherous swamps tested their resolve, but the persistent threat of the giant rats, emerging from hidden burrows and thick undergrowth, provided a constant test of their skills and endurance.

Upon placing the seeds at the base of the Maiden Tree, they faced the evil wizard Morna Gul. This final battle was intense, with Umari’s spells clashing against Morna Gul’s dark sorcery and Neokor’s strength turning the tide. Together, they defeated the wizard, freeing the forest from its curse.

Triumphant, Umari and Neokor emerged from the forest with the Ring of Creation. They handed the ring over to the elves, ensuring its protection and ending one chapter of their heroic tale, with promises of more adventures to come.

Bag of Dungeon hall of fame

Have you got what it takes to enter the Bag of Dungeon hall of fame? You must complete both games together.

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