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Bag of Dungeon Hall of Fame

All hail to Morbius the Grey!

Neokor, a brave and resilient half-ogre, had heard tales of the Cursed Forest of Calen Taur and the evil sorcerer, Morna Gûl, who held its ancient beauty captive. He sought out the help of Wiseleaf, a legendary guardian, and together they embarked on a perilous journey to restore the realm to its former glory.

As Neokor and Wiseleaf continued their journey through the Cursed Forest of Calen Taur, they encountered a myriad of dark creatures that threatened to halt their progress. Neokor, with his towering strength, wielded the mighty Warhammer, a legendary weapon that crackled with lightning. With each swing, the hammer sent shockwaves through the air, obliterating any foe in its path. Dark elves, zombies, and harpies fell before him, their malevolent presence banished by the sheer force of his strikes.

Meanwhile, Wiseleaf, guided by an ancient prophecy, stumbled upon the Sword of Ithond, a blade infused with the essence of the forest itself. As a guardian warrior, Wiseleaf’s connection to nature was deep-rooted, and the sword enhanced his abilities, enabling him to channel its mystical powers. With each swing of the blade, he cut through the malevolence that tainted the forest, vanquishing the swamp demon, giant rats, and an exiled evil knight that had plagued the realm.

Neokor and Wiseleaf complemented each other’s strengths, their weapons of legend and unwavering determination paving the way for their victory. Their exploits echoed through the realm, their names whispered in awe and gratitude. The tales of Neokor’s thunderous hammer and Wiseleaf’s swift sword spread far and wide, inspiring generations to come. Together, they became a beacon of hope, embodying the unity and courage required to overcome even the darkest of curses.

The ring was safe, for now…

chronicles of the ring

Have you got what it takes to enter the Bag of Dungeon hall of fame? You must complete both games together.

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