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Animated whiteboard explainer videos and storyboards

show how is know how!

We can provide animated explainer videos for any business from medical to education or for retail to marketing or simply to show your viewers how something works.

We can draw your ideas, animated them and showcase your message in a nice short presentation video. Ideal for teachers, schools, healthcare trusts or business.

Do you have a project in mind? Why not drop us a line today and get a FREE quote.

All videos include:

  • A storyboard for your approval
  • Hand drawn illustrations (by a real artist)
  • Black and white or single colour up to full colour
  • A finished .mp4 video ready to use on your website or presentation
  • A professional voice over artist

If you have anything you would like to explain in a short and concise way animated whiteboard videos are the way to do it.

Here is a typical storyboard…