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bag of dungeon 2 - the cursed forest

After the launch of our second dungeon crawler Bag of Dungeon 2: The Cursed Forest on #kickstarter, we sat and watched the results coming in, a beer in hand and silently optimistic we were very excited. Then bingo! within 24 hours we reached our target. A big thanks to all our backers and we’ll make sure you get a lot of bang for your buck!

We spent nearly two years working on BOD 2, and had some great fun coming up with new items, monsters and even the forest is a challenge in itself, (this is a tough game) but after many many hours of playtesting, we believe we have a great addition to the Bag of series…

The campaign runs until the 15th of August 2022 and then we go straight into production and fingers crossed, they will be delivered by Christmas.

We are now off on another adventure! and we hope will join us.

Peace, love and lembas.

The Gunpowder Team

You kind find the Kickstarter link here: Bag of Dungeon 2 on Kickstarter

bag of dungeon 2 traps

bag of dungeon 2 start tile

Just some of the hitpoints in BOD 2

  • Set up and play in five minutes
  • Play with up to four players or try the challenging solo mode
  • Great fun for beginner players and experienced gamers
  • Work as a team or watch your own back
  • 25 different monsters out for your blood
  • 30 new magical items, armour and weapons to discover and help you in your quest
  • 8 new character types with unique skills and special abilities
  • Lightning-fast combat; simple, swift and deadly
  • Use bows and spells to fight from a distance or get up close to monsters with your trusty handheld weapon and see the reds of their eyes
  • A different dungeon every time – no two games the same
  • Connect The Cursed Forest to the original Bag of Dungeon game for an epic adventure through two fantasy realms
  • Everything packs into the bag provided. Small and lightweight; great for holidays and travel