Bag of Dungeon the board game and Kastles the card game are both now in their 2nd Editions. For BOD we have tweaked the rules, made it easier for new players and separated the standard and competitive (advanced rules) so new gamers can jump right in. We added some nice textures to the floor tiles, checked all the typography and neatened everything up in the box. It’s a thing of beauty now when you enter the dungeon.

bag of dungeon a fantasy adventure board game

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Kastles has also been upgraded to a bigger, fancier telescopic box so it’s more substantial. Especially for a gift or present and sits well on the shelves of any reputable games store. The rules have been tweaked and now are easy-to-read. Also, you now get 64 cards in the game. More than enough for a full-on 4-player punch-up! A kracking upgrade to a classic card game.

kastles card game

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A lot has happened since we first launched Bag of Dungeon and Kastles back in 2018… or was it 2017?. Lots of feedback, some lovely customers saying how much they enjoyed the first editions, but our work is not yet done. Ok, maybe for those two games, for now, at least until we get all creative again and we are working on the next Bag of… in the series, but it’s time to launch some other games.

Work is now underway for two more (top secret) games and we hope to launch the next on Kickstarter by the end of February 2021, roll for luck! As soon as we have more news on this we’ll twitterface you all.

Thanks for all your support with the first two games BOD and Kastles, And for supporting this small business. it’s been a blast.

Stay well and watch this space… wait! no, our next game is not about space! Just in case you thought that was a tip-off! But there’s an idea! Bag of Space!

Tim Sharville – Game Designer – Gunpowder Studios

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