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bag of dungeon a fantasy adventure board game
bag of dungeon
bag of dungeon a fantasy adventure board game
bag of dungeon a fantasy adventure board game

Welcome to the dungeon!

Bag of Dungeon is a tabletop game of fantasy adventuring, exploring, fighting monsters and stealing treasure. Using a simple-to-play tile-laying system, 1-4 players send their brave adventurers into the unknown to explore a deadly dungeon in a race to find the Ring of Creation and escape with their lives and their loot.

a game for 8 years and up play time 60 minutes 1-4 players


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Play solo, cooperative or competitive

Play classic dungeon adventurers – elves, dwarves, fighters and healers. Find magical items, potions and weapons to help you in your quest. Work cooperatively to defeat the dungeon together, or turn on your friends to make fame and fortune yours alone.

Can you defeat the Red Dragon? find the Ring of Creation? and get out alive?

Bag of Dungeon - A fantasy adventure dungeon crawler board game for 1-4 players


  • Play solo, cooperative or competitive with up to 4 players. Delve deeper and deeper into the catacombs to find the Ring and try to get out alive. Includes Standard (simple) or Advanced rules
  • Battle classic monsters, goblins, trolls, skeletons and more. Can you defeat the fearsome Red Dragon who guards the exit? Find magical items and powerful weapons to upgrade your characters
  • Collect spells, potions and armour. Use ranged weapons to fight from afar, or get up close with your trusty sword to defeat your foes. A randomly generated dungeon crawler – no two games are the same!
  • Set up and start playing in 3 minutes. Lightning-fast combat – simple but rewarding. A broad appeal across different ages and experiences. Play male or female characters – elf, dwarf, human or healer
  • A great family game introducing players to fantasy tabletop gaming. Small, lightweight and perfect for home, holiday or travel. Includes 11 additional Dragon Scroll quests


Bag of Dungeon - A complete fantasy dungeon crawler adventure in a bag for 1-4 players
easy to follow rules
no two games the same
classic sword & sorcery

What’s in the box?

Game bag, Monsters bag, Items bag, 40 dungeon tiles, 30 monsters, 40 items, 4 character cards (male/female), 16 wooden cubes, 4 wooden meeples, 4 6-sided dice, Ring of Creation, 28 red/black tokens, Red Dragon and Rules booklet. Plus: The Dragon Scrolls – 11 additional adventures