bag of dungeon

Dare you enter the dragon’s lair?

Bag of Dungeon

“A great alternative to D&D”

gunpowder studios card games 5-stars

“My 7-year-old son loves this”

gunpowder studios card games 5-stars

“Exquisitely simple, endlessly fun”

gunpowder studios card games 5-stars

Can you survive the dungeon?

Bag of Dungeon is a tabletop (dungeon crawler) board game of exploring deadly catacombs, fighting monsters and stealing treasure.

Using a simple-to-play tile-laying system, 1-4 players send their brave adventurers into the deep, dark dungeon to find the magical Ring of Creation. Once inside, the only way out is past the mighty Red Dragon who guards the exit.

Will you escape with your life and your loot? Can your fellow adventurers be trusted? Can you?

The entrance shuts behind you. Step into the darkness…

Bag of Dungeon
Find deadly weapons and powerful magic items to aid you in your quest
Choose your favourite adventurer from four iconic fantasy heroes
Bag of Dungeon
Do battle with a multitude of ferocious monsters and evade treacherous traps
A lot of game in a handy little travel bag. Play anytime, any place, anywhere

What kind of game is Bag of Dungeon?

This is the perfect old-school ‘dungeon crawler’, designed to be simple to set up and learn and quick and easy to play. It’s low complexity rating means it’s perfect for first-time gamers and families, and because the whole game fits in a bag, you can carry your dungeon with you wherever life’s real adventures take you.

But don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the game. The dungeons can be hard, sometimes almost unbeatable. And because every dungeon is different, it will keep you fighting, looting and dying over and again for many happy hours.

A complete adventure in a bag!

bag of dungeon a fantasy game for 1-4 players, ages 7 and uo and takes 20-60 minutes to play
a complete adventure game in a bag
Bag of Dungeon

BoD Extras

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