Bag of Dungeon

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Classic Sword & Sorcery

bag of dungeon a fantasy adventure board game

A complete adventure in a bag

Bag of Dungeon is a simple to play dungeon crawler tile-based board game of exploring, slaying monsters and stealing treasure. In this tabletop adventure, a party of 1-4 players navigate ever-changing catacombs in a quest to find the Ring of Creation before escaping with their lives and their loot.

You will encounter monsters, find treasure and use items to stay alive and escape with the Ring before the dungeon seals itself shut, imprisoning for all eternity anyone who remains.

“It’s one of the best dungeon crawler board games I’ve played, easy to start, with a high ceiling of play.” Jason, London

bag of dungeon a fantasy adventure board game

Fantasy tabletop gaming

bag of dungeon a fantasy adventure board game

Choose your best strategy. Use spells, potions and weapons to survive the dungeon and try to get out alive

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“It started as a simple adventure with a friendly group of dungeoneers until one player decided to take the Ring for himself and leave the rest of us to die. Then things got really interesting, and the whole game went up a gear.” Disgruntled Adventurer

bag of dungeon a fantasy adventure board game characters

Play Elves, Dwarves, Fighters or Healers

play solo, cooperative or competitive

Cooperative: As a team game you all work together to explore the dungeon, share items and work out the best strategy to eventually defeat the mighty red dragon and complete your quest.

Competitive: Can you trust your fellow adventurers? To begin with, you are all loyal to the quest and each other. But once the Ring is discovered it will cast a shadow of doubt and deceit over those who seek to steal it. You may decide that being a lone wolf is a smarter choice than loyalty, even if it means the death of your former companions.

Solo: In the solo game, you can choose to send up to four adventurers into the dungeon, but each only gets one life.

Simple gameplay: The game has a simple but clever mechanic – great for young and/or new gamers to learn fast and take part while still giving more experienced gamers a satisfying time at the table.

a game for 8 years and up play time 60 minutes 1-4 players
bag of dungeon a fantasy adventure board game item tiles

Play classic dungeon characters. Collect spells, potions, weapons and armour to aid you in your quest

bag of dungeon a fantasy adventure board game

Comes in a handy box for easy storage

bag of dungeon a fantasy adventure board game dragon scrolls

Behold! The Dragon Scrolls – 11 additional dungeon quests


  • Updated 2nd Edition
  • A classic Sword & Sorcery game
  • Play as male or female adventurers
  • A game for 1 to 4 players
  • Play solo, cooperative or competitive
  • Different every time you play
  • Collect spells, potions, weapons and armour
  • Find magical items, swords, bows and spells
  • Set-up and play in only 3 minutes
  • Lightning-fast combat: simple but rewarding
  • Broad appeal across different ages and experience
  • Small, lightweight and great for holidays, travel or gaming clubs
  • The perfect fantasy gateway game for new or old dungeoneers
  • Pure old-school dungeon crawling
  • Everything an adventurer needs… in a bag

What’s in the box

  • 1 game bag
  • 2 tile bags (monsters and items)
  • 40 dungeon tiles
  • 30 monster tiles
  • 40 item tiles
  • 4 character cards (Male and female Elves, Fighters, Healers and Dwarves)
  • 16 wooden cubes
  • 4 wooden meeples
  • 4, 6-sided dice (2 red, 2 black)
  • 1 Ring of Creation token
  • 28 red/black tokens
  • 1 Red Dragon token
  • A pack of 11 additional Dragon Scroll Mini Quests playing cards

This game is bags of Fun!

bag of dungeon logo

25 reviews for Bag of Dungeon

  1. Tomasz Ziege

    The best game, my 7-year-old son loves this.

  2. Oz

    Actually a really cool little set up, I’ve been trying to get my 7 year old into gaming but was worried it wouldn’t be enjoyable for me too. It’s great, good fun, quick paced, different every time, well thought out and the expansions allow her to get creative with it.
    Thanks for being the game she got into

  3. Jacopo – Florence – Tuscany

    A fun game which is easy to play with a high ceiling of options. Great for new or old gamers.
    Great component in a smal box

  4. David

    This wonderful game harkens back to the old school days of dungeon crawls. Everything from the charming artwork to the random nature of the tiles, monsters and items along with a large assortment of dragon scroll quest cards makes each play through unique. The free print and play expansion material adds even more variety. All in a small box with nice canvas bags for the components makes for the perfect travel companion either solo or with friends.

  5. Martin

    Being a fan of D&D, I wanted a similar type game that I could play solo. This is easily the most fun I’ve had playing a solo game. Rules are straight forward and it takes 3 minutes to set up.

  6. Alex

    Played with adults and kids. Just a great fun dungeon crawler. Lots of great decisions and I have seen games turn around with great surprises. 2.2 rules are super smooth and expansion downloads are free!

  7. Daniel Matuszak

    Brilliant little D&D style game ! I have purchased it last week and it got delivered to Ireland in 2 days. Since Day 1 I have played multiple games with 1 -2 and 4 players. Every time the game was different and every time the game was incredibly FUN ! I highly recommend this game for everyone who is looking for a decent RPG game for a quick session.


    This game has been designed just for me (I’m 99% sure). Meeples, tiles, simple but engaging rules and a element of randomness and luck making every game different. Bag of Dungeon sits amongst my favourite games on the shelf. So glad I found it.

  9. Nick

    Absolutely lovely little game – great production values and author support

  10. Stuart Gabriel

    Awesome game me and my daughter love it , plus it has some great expansions which bring a new level of depth to your character. All in all a brilliant family and solo game

  11. Amazon buyer

    Always looking for the perfect little dungeon crawler and I may have just found it. Easy to set up, portable and tons of replayability.

  12. Roberto – Italy

    Brilliant game! Easy to play with a lot of fun.
    It really brings back old memories. You have the ring, now everybody wants to kill you and there is a dragon near the exit…
    what could possibly go wrong?

  13. Nela

    If Munchkin and Talisman had a baby it would be this. An easy game for tough gamers.

  14. Tim Lux

    Sehr schönes Spiel, mit tollem Spielmaterial. Die einfachen Regeln und die Spielidee ist einfach eine Klasse für sich.
    Spielespaß für groß und klein.

  15. Chris

    I wanted an old fashioned D&D game because I have good memories of Sorcerers Cave etc. This game is fantastic straight out of the box. Simple and logical rules, immersive gameplay, very well balanced characters with good strategic depth
    Good for newbies or old hands. PvP is brutal, co-op is fun, yet to go solo
    Great production values.
    Every game is different.
    A mush Xmas buy
    All it needs is a Tavern tile to heal

  16. Sten via Youtube

    I smashed it last night. Faced the dragon with the Dwarf with a +3 axe and the loyal bear. chucked a bomb and necked some strength potion for extra dice. Glad I bought this game! Nice one lads

  17. Nick K.

    Easy and fast setup, simple rules, ton of replayability and an old-school aura all in a small bag. This is an excellent game for solo or with some friends. Great for new and old board and role players. Well done Gunpowder Studios!

  18. Richard Ellis

    A brilliant game, my family and I love it

  19. Martin via Kickstarter

    Please help, I wonder “Who is to blame?”
    Yesterday night I played with my 15-year-old son Niklas. After a great tagging-fight, I offered him the best weapons & items, just assuring me he won’t use those against me.
    After I got the ring he had this look on his face. And I asked him if we continue playing in cooperative mode in order to slay the dragon. (Cause otherwise I had this terrible bomb in my inventory…) After he saw my bomb he agreed about cooperative playstyle. On his next move all of a sudden he attacked me (with my precious gifts I generously gave him!). After he murdered me he slew the dragon with my bow, my bomb, my boots, my magical sword. (And can you believe it: his last toss of dice was a double 6 – as if the god he worships wanted to bless his disputable actions!) Now I am confused. Please tell me: who is to blame for this? Is it me (stupidity, education,…)? Is it him (his deeply dark soul)? My current opinion: It’s Fred, the gnome, who is to blame.
    In other words: your game is cool, but it has the power to shatter families ;-))

  20. Steve via Kickstarter

    Had a chance to play a game tonight.
    First off, very well done!!! You guys nailed it!! This game takes me back to old school D&D!!

  21. Nick via Kickstarter

    Ok I have to say I just got this game yesterday (YAY!) and it is better than I thought it would be. Solo play was a ton of fun. Game felt hard and challenging on solo (I ran through with only 1 character, not multiples). The rules are very simple and straightforward making it easy for me to explain to new players and fun for everyone while you play without getting bogged in complicated rules. I love the box (much better I think than I would have just the bag as the box fits nicely on my game shelf). This is a great entry into a DND type game that plays fairly quick and is easy for any new gamer to pick up on. Thank you so much for this. One of my favorite backed Kickstarter games so far!

  22. Gary via Kickstarter

    Bag of Dungeon arrived today here in New Jersey USA. It looks great and I’m already lovin’ the Dice Tower!! Thank you

  23. JD via Kickstarter

    Played a solo session and yesterday a session with my 8 and 10-year-old sons. Love it, the nostalgic simplicity of the old dungeon crawler games really hit the spot! I am actually designing an easy to play dungeon crawler with a unique mechanic myself (that is why I initially backed this one) and must say BoD does a great job at it!

  24. Andrew

    Really enjoyed playing this down the pub with a few old gamer chums. Old school, perfect!

  25. Jason – London

    A fun game which is easy to play with a high ceiling of options. Great for new or old gamers.

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