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bag of dungeon

How to play Bag of Dungeon & Tile Guide

acme insurance

Acme Insurance

This Acme Insurance magic scroll activates when you lose a life. You respawn at the Start tile with all your gear. Does not restore your last life. If so, drop it with your other items (can be used again if found).

Discard and redraw if playing a solo game.



Send in the high explosives! The bomb can be dropped or thrown, causing 2D6 damage to any monster or adventurer where it lands and any within two tiles in a straight line from the blast point. See diagram.

bomb damage


The trusty bow is a ranged weapon capable of inflicting damage from a distance, though it cannot be used when fighting an opponent on the same tile (melee). The elf characters get a bonus when using a bow.



The Dragonlance is your best hope of defeating the Red Dragon that guards the exit. Use it to perform a ranged attack, then move in on the same turn for melee combat and hope you kill her before she strikes back.

elven bow

Elven Bow

The finely crafted elven bow fires further than the standard bow and costs fewer APs to use. Fancy. The elf characters get a bonus when using a bow.

falling rocks trap

Falling Rocks (trap)

They don’t build dungeons like they used to. Falling rocks will cause 1D6 of instant damage to any adventurer on this tile. Armour and shields will reduce the damage.



The fireball is every monster’s least favourite visitor. This ranged spell can be fired past other adventurers to cause real problems to anything on its target tile.

flying daggers

Flying Daggers

They may sound like the kind of amateur rock band you find in the Wasted Wizard on a Friday night, but the flying daggers spell can turn the carnage up to 11, even around corners.

health potion

Health Potion

A healer in a bottle. Use the health potion anytime you need some health back, including during a fight, then discard. If you’re not feeling better in a week, you probably didn’t make it out.

ice staff

Ice Staff

Is it me or is it cold in here? The ice staff is a permanent ranged weapon that will send deadly shivers down the spine of any opponent one or two tiles away. One-handed frosty firepower.

imp's teeth

Imp’s Teeth

The magical imp’s teeth allows you to swap places with another adventurer, even during a battle. Discard after use.

Discard and redraw if playing solo with one character.

invisibility cloak

Invisibility Cloak

To use the invisibility cloak, you’ll need to spend APs and roll 1D6 to sneak past monsters (including the Red Dragon at the exit). On a roll of 5 or 6, you’re detected and must fight.

iron axe

Iron Axe

The sturdy iron axe is the melee weapon of choice for many adventurers. They are a particular favourite of dwarves, who get an additional combat advantage when using an axe.

large chest

Large Chest

There be treasure! Where be fingers? This large chest may be armed with a violent trap. Pay 1AP and roll 1D6. If you take damage, you can keep trying to empty (and discard) the chest while you still have hands an AP to spare. A chest never leaves its tile.

large steel axe

Large Steel Axe

Bigger and nastier than its iron counterpart, you’ll need two hands to wield the deadly large steel axe and fell your opponents. The dwarf character gets an additional bonus when wielding an axe.

the loyal bear

Loyal Bear

The loyal bear befriends you, seeking protection. It will remain with you and fight beside you, giving an extra dice in combat. Place beside your character card as a companion. When you lose a life, return the loyal bear to the Items bag.

magic armour

Magic Armour

The magic armour offers extra protection from 99% of all known baddies, or your money back. You will take less damage when fighting, but it does not protect you when escaping (the magic only works when you’re brave enough to fight).

magic boots

Magic Boots

These speedy magic boots will enable you to escape from an opponent without taking damage. You can also move one extra space to an existing tile without paying an AP. Nifty.

magic shield

Magic Shield

The magic shield is enchanted for extra protection, reducing the damage you take. For a powerful magic combo, try pairing it with a magic sword. Does not protect when escaping (like the magic armour, its magic is tuned to combat).

magic sword

Magic Sword

Part deadly weapon, part sneaky peeker, the magic sword gives you a +2 to your combat roll and allows you to reveal any face-down monster (or draw a monster to replace a red token) on an adjacent tile.

magic vine

Magic Vine

The magic vine spell is a ranged attack that, once cast, will entwine and harm any monster or adventurer (including the caster) that enters the tile where it now writhes menacingly, awaiting its next victim. It remains in play for the rest of the game.

morning star

Morning Star

Put some serious swing into your fighting. The morningstar delivers +2 to your combat roll while keeping one hand free. Pair with a shield or another one-handed weapon for full combat readiness.

poisoned darts

Poisoned Darts (trap)

Fast and deadly, the poisoned darts trap is a real pain in the bum, causing 1D6 of instant damage to all adventurers on the tile. Can be deadly to those who are already weak of health.

rusty armour

Rusty Armour

The rusty armour may have been lying around for a few decades but it can still withstand a whack from a goblin’s sword. Can be used once for a whole fight. When you win, lose a life or escape, your trusty rusty protector falls apart and is discarded.

small axe

Small Axe

The small axe can be worn discretely in any tavern, but its lightness and ease of handling means it punches above its weight when used in combat. The dwarf character gets an additional bonus when wielding an axe.

small chest

Small Chest

A small chest with a small trap that may yet cause enough damage to kill you if you’re already weak. Pay 1AP and roll 1D6. If you take damage, you can keep trying to gain the riches inside (and discard the chest) while you remain alive and have an AP to spare. A chest never leaves its tile.

sorcerer's skull

Sorcerer’s Skull

Use the sorcerer’s skull to give a life to another adventurer anywhere in the dungeon, or take one from them if you have fewer than three lives left. Will not increase the number of lives beyond their maximum and you can’t take the last life of an adventurer. Does not kill a player or send them back to the START but only reduces their lives by one.

Discard or redraw if playing a solo game.

spear trap

Spear (trap)

The spear trap is yet another fiendish device of the dunegon defenders to harry your progress, or better still, kill you. Causes 1D6 of instant damage to any adventurer on the tile when drawn.

steel armour

Steel Armour

Standard apparel for any self-respecting dungeoneer, steel armour is light yet strong enough to help save your skin in a tight spot. Designed for forward-facing combat, so will not protect you when escaping.

steel shield

Steel Shield

The humble steel shield may be considered a basic defensive item, but you’ll treasure it forever if it protects you from that killer blow. Does not prevent damage when you are escaping.

steel sword

Steel Sword

The steel sword looks good and sounds good when you hit things with it. A solid one-handed weapon that will give most opponents an extra short, sharp shock to their health.

strength potion

Strength Potion

Drink a strength potion in a fight and it won’t be a good day in the dungeon for your opponent. You add an extra dice to your combat roll, which could prove decisive against more powerful adversaries. One use then discard.

teleport crystals

Teleport Crystal

The magical teleport crystal lets you move up to five spaces or travel through one solid wall to an existing space. It might be just what you need to head off the ring carrier or leave a monster scratching its head. Cannot be used to travel through the exit.



Have you seen the light? No? Try this. A torch allows you to lay another dungeon tile adjacent to one you’ve just placed, without moving from your current tile (you can see further into the dungeon). You still have to spend APs to move towards or onto it.



The tornado spell will allow you to whisk up any adventure from their current tile and place them safely five tiles away in any direction. It’s the perfect spell for quickly moving an adventurer out of (or into) harm’s way.

vampire teeth

Vampire Teeth

Vampire teeth are for taking down suckers who may want to kill you. This spell steals five health from any adventurer in the dungeon and gives it to you. If your victim has fewer than five health, take the remainder from their next life (if they’re on their last life, take the maximum possible).

Discard or redraw if playing solo with one character.

witch's claw

Witch’s Claw

The witch’s claw is sleight-of-hand magic that allows you to steal an item (including the Ring) from an adventurer anywhere in the dungeon. Use it when your need is greater than theirs, or you just don’t like them.

Discard or redraw if playing solo with one character.


red dragon

Red Dragon

The Red Dragon guards the only exit from the dungeon. She knows you are coming and is ready to make sure you never leave. She will be your toughest challenge. The Dragonlance is the only weapon she fears. You will still need the Ring to open the exit, but you can defeat the dragon as soon as the Exit tile is laid and she appears, even before you have the Ring.

giant snake

Giant Snake

The giant snake has grown unnaturally large on a diet of adventurers. Your party could be its next meal deal. Its size belies its lightning speed, making it one of the toughest monsters in the dungeon. Ranged weapons and spells will help defeat it.



Goblins appear frequently and are fearless, but they are weak and should be easily despatched by most adventurers. Only halflings gain an item from killing a goblin.



The minotaur is a powerful, intelligent beast that will test the fighting skills of even the most experienced, well-equipped adventurer. Approach with caution.

mirror monster

Mirror Monster

The mirror monster is a wretched spirit seeking to consume its victims. Its combat and starting health match your combat (without item bonuses) and current health. If you win the fight, take items according to your health at the start of the fight.

mud monster

Mud Monster

The mud monster is a suffocating lifeform that can be hard to fight. A fetid oozing mass that can easily overwhelm any adventurer. Don’t wear your best outfit.



The ancient mummy wanders the dungeon seeking to kill any who challenge its once godly status. Alas, it is now more putrefaction than power. Classed as undead.



The only sign you’ve been attacked by the silent, deadly monk may be a light breeze blowing through the hair of your now severed head. Get it before it gets you.



The reacher is one of the most dangerous dungeon predators. During combat, its powerful stinging tentacles will lash at any adventurers who are 1 to 4 tiles away (even round corners) in all directions, inflicting half damage to each (rounded down).



Skeletons are formidable former warriors, strong and quick. Underestimate their seemingly fragile stature at your peril. Classed as undead.



What it lacks in chess mastery, the troll makes up for in crushing skulls. It’s a big, bad dungeon dweller that should not be taken on lightly. Gear up and get stuck in is as good a plan as any.



A legendary foe, the werewolf is smart, agile and ferocious, gaining its power from the magic of the moon. It can inflict considerable damage in a single attack.



Zombies are relentless creatures that will wear you down, strike after strike. Hit first and hit hard, but expect others to follow. Classed as undead.