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Bag of Dungeon quick-start (how to play), tile guide and FAQs

You’ll find everything you need here to go adventuring. Bag of Dungeon is designed to be fast, fun and full of fiends! but who likes reading rules?

Here are some quick-start guides, tips, tiles and FAQs for your new career as a dungeoneer.

Player reference card

1 – Movement

It costs 1 AP to move or lay a tile

2 – Monsters

Monsters are only revealed (drawn) when you step onto an M tile. If you don’t kill it on your turn, it regenerates to full health

3 – After a fight

Your turn ends after a fight and your APs are reset after your go

4 – Some items use APs

Some ITEMS cost APs to use (see tiles)

5 – Tagging

Other players can help in a fight (see Tagging)

6 – The ring appears

The player who lays the last floor tile from the stack rolls 2 dice and places the RING on that M tile e.g. they roll 7 so place it on M7. Now get the ring to the EXIT to win

7 – The ring spawns a monster

The RING will always be guarded by a monster. If there is no monster on that M tile already, draw one from the bag and place it face down on the ring

8 – The Healing pool

When the healing pool is drawn, place one red token for each adventurer still in the game. These can be used up by any characters in the healing pool, or characters who revisit later on and need healing. Remember! sharing is caring

9 – Spells are one use only

All spells used are discarded out of the game once used. That’s all the tiles with this symbol…

10 – Escaping (running away)

It costs 1 AP to escape (to an existing tile) and you take 1 hit, or 2 APs to run past and lay a tile taking 2 hits. Armour or shields offer no protection when escaping

the ring

Your quest? Get in, find the ring, and get out alive! The Ring must reach the Exit (M12 tile) to open the dungeon. The Dragon guards the exit and must be defeated before any adventurer can leave. Once the ring leaves the dungeon it begins to collapse and all players have one turn to reach the exit or are lost forever in the ruins. Reaching the exit tile accounts to leaving

Special floor tiles

healing pool tile

The Healing Pool is a place to relax, take in some volcanic fumes and heal up. Once out place one red token for each remaining adventurer in the game. Then it’s up to you (as a party) as to how you distribute them. End your go in the pool and recover to full health for each token spent per adventurer

item tile

The Free Item Tile is a lucky find. Whoever reaches first takes one item out of the bag (good or bad). This is a one item, one-use floor tile

range example with a bow

How range works is simple! it’s from the tile adjacent to your character to the target, or less. e.g. this Bow example is range 1-3 

Items reference guide

bag of dungeon - acme insurance

ACME Insurance will automatically cast when you are defeated. All your gear will stay with you when you respawn. Does not work on your last life, drop it with all your gear where you are defeated for the final time, your last life.

Discard or redraw if playing solo (1 character)

bag of dungeon - bomb

The Bomb is a very handy little item! Drop it at your feet or throw it up to 4 tiles away (in a straight line) from your tile (that’s 0-4) and it does 2D6 of instant damage from where it lands (0-1-2) to all in the blast radius (line of sight) in all directions. See here for diagram


bag of dungeon - bow

The Bow is a trusty, arrow flinging device. Elves get a bonus for using bows

bag of dungeon - dragonlance

If you find the Dragonlance you are in luck. One use, but it can help you in defeating the Red Dragon. Use it to do a ranged attack then move in on the same turn for melee (hand-to-hand)

bag of dungeon - elven bow

The Elven Bow is a fancy item indeed! Use it to fire at a monster then move in on the same turn for melee (hand-to-hand). The Elf gets a bonus for bows

bag of dungeon - falling rocks trap

The Falling Rocks will crash around you inflicting 1D6 of instant damage to all on the same tile. Armour and shields can help reduce the damage

bag of dungeon - fireball

The Fireball will singe your eyebrows for sure! so be careful. It will cause 3D6 of instant damage to any monsters or adventurers on the tile it reaches. You can fire past players

bag of dungeon - flying daggers

The Flying Daggers sounds like a local rock band you’d find in the Wasted Wizard tavern on a Friday night, but no! it’s a cunning spell that strikes a chord, even around corners

bag of dungeon - health potion

The Health Potion does what it says on the… bottle? Use anytime during a fight. One use then discard

bag of dungeon - ice staff

Brrrr! The Ice Staff is a fine item indeed. Rather like the Fireball only cold. A one-handed frosty shock to any monster

bag of dungeon - imp's teeth

The Imp’s Teeth will enable you to swap places, anywhere in the dungeon, instantly with another adventurer. Even during a battle.

Discard or redraw if playing solo (1 character)

bag of dungeon - invisibility cloak

Use the Invisibility Cloak on your turn to sneak past monsters. You must roll 1D6 and it may fail. If you roll a 5 or 6 you have been seen and must engage. May use only once per turn. You may use the cloak to sneak past the dragon and exit without combat

bag of dungeon - iron axe

The Iron Axe is obviously one-handed and works well with anything in the other hand. The Dwarf gets a bonus for any axe

bag of dungeon - large chest

The temptation to open a large chest is just too much! You roll 1D6 and if you roll a 1-4 take 5 damage, 5-6 take two items. Discard the chest out of the game (once opened) or leave for another player and move on. Cannot carry in your backpack

bag of dungeon - large steel axe

The Large Steel Axe is something to behold! It takes both hands to wield, so takes up both hand spaces on your character card, but boy does it pack a punch. The Dwarf gets a bonus for any axe

bag of dungeon - loyal bear

The Loyal Bear is a trusty friend!. He will stay with you until you are defeated adding 1 dice to your combat. Requires no backpack space. Goes back in the bag on defeat

bag of dungeon - magic armour

The Magic Armour sparkles in the torchlight! but offers no protection when escaping

bag of dungeon - magic boots

The Magic Boots will enable you to run away from a monster without taking damage. You can also move one extra space onto an existing tile (costs no APs)

bag of dungeon - magic shield

The Magic Shield can offer premium protection. Try it with a side-order of Magic Sword. Offers no protection when escaping

bag of dungeon - magic sword

The Magic Sword not only gives you a +2 to your combat but if you stand adjacent to an uncovered monster, you can take a peek at creature. “ok, it’s a Reacher! let’s not go there just yet!”

bag of dungeon - magic vine

The Magic Vine can be cast from 1-4 tiles adjacent to your adventurer. Any player or monster entering it takes an 1 instant dice of damage every time it enters the vine tile. Remains in play for the rest of the game

bag of dungeon - morning star

The Morning Star adds +2 to your combat. Takes one hand space and is great with a shield in your other hand

bag of dungeon - poisoned darts trap

Poisoned Darts are a real pain in the bum! They do 1D6 of instant damage to all adventurers on that tile

bag of dungeon - rusty armour

Ok, the Rusty Armour may have been lying around for a few decades but it can still take a decent whack from a goblin’s sword! Then it falls apart. One use for one fight. Then discard

bag of dungeon - small axe

You guessed it! The Small Axe is lighter than the others and also one-handed. The Dwarf gets a bonus for any axe

bag of dungeon - small chest

The Small Chest works the same as a large chest, only smaller! Roll 1D6 and this time if you roll 1-2 you take 2 damage, 3-6 take one item. Then discard out of the game. Or leave alone for another player and move on. Cannot carry in your backpack

bag of dungeon - sorcerer's skull

The Sorcerer’s Skull means you can take or give (from your adventurer) one life to help or hinder another player, anywhere in the dungeon, instantly. You can never go above your initial lives or take the last life of another adventurer.

Discard or redraw if playing solo

bag of dungeon - spear trap

The Spear Trap is yet another fiendish device that will inflict 1D6 of instant damage to all on the tile when drawn

bag of dungeon - steel armour

Steel Armour is the go-to for all adventurers, light and strong, tough and durable but will not protect you when escaping

bag of dungeon - steel shield

The Steel Sheild is your trusty companion but offers no protection when escaping

bag of dungeon - steel sword

The Steel Sword is the perfect ‘whack-a-troll’ device! With this in one hand and a shield in the other, it’s music to the ringing ears of any monster

bag of dungeon - strength potion

The Strength Potion will give you that extra little kick, just when you need it! One use then discard

bag of dungeon - teleport crystal

The Teleport Crystal will enable you to move up to 5 spaces or travel through one solid wall (into another existing space) instantly. Might be just what you need to catch up with the Ringbearer or get away from that monster. You cannot travel through the exit

bag of dungeon - torch

The Torch will help any adventurer see the light! in fact, see one full tile ahead. When you lay a tile (adjacent to you) you may lay another again. Basically you can see further down the dark dungeon corridor. You still have to spend APs to move as normal

bag of dungeon - tornado

The Tornado spell can affect anyone in the dungeon. Great for quickly moving any adventurer out (or into) harms’ way

bag of dungeon - vampire teeth

Vampire Teeth are not for suckers! Remove 5 health from any other adventurer (not monsters), and recover 5 health for yourself, anywhere in the dungeon, instantly. If you drain more health than that adventurer has, take it from their next life.

Discard or redraw if playing solo (1 character)

bag of dungeon - witch's claw

The Witch’s Claw allows your adventurer to steal one item (including the ring if in play) from any other adventurer, anywhere in the dungeon instantly, now that’s magic!

Discard or redraw if playing solo (1 character)



The Dragon sits guarding the exit. She knows you are coming and you cannot leave the dungeon without someone defeating her. You will receive two items if you do so. You’ll still need to get the ring to the Exit for the dungeon to open but you can defeat the Dragon at any point after she appears clearing the way

giant snake

The Giant Snake moves incredibly fast and could crush you effortlessly. You will receive two items if you defeat it


The Goblin is fast but weak. You get no items for killing a goblin as it only has 5 health. Note: If killed by the Halfling you will receive one item as this is the halfling’s special ability (see PnP downloads)


The Minotaur is a powerful, intelligent beast. You will receive two items if you defeat it

mirror monster

The Mirror Monster is a tormented spirit that will always match your character’s base combat (e.g. 2D6 +2 for a Fighter) and your CURRENT health. On defeating it you will receive two items if your adventurer started with 10+ health or one item if you health was 6-9 (5 for the Halfling)

mud monster

The Mud Monster oozes from the ground and can easily overwhelm any adventurer. You will receive one item if you defeat it


The Mummy is an ancient wanderer seeking souls. You will receive one item if you defeat it


The Monk is fast, silent and deadly. You will receive one item if you defeat it


The Reacher is a powerful creature with a vicious sting. When it inflicts damage it will, in melee (hand-to-hand), also lash out at any adventurers within a 1 to 4 tile radius in all directions, even around corners! inflicting half damage rounded down. You will receive two items if you defeat it


The Skeleton is an ancient and formidable warrior. You will receive two items if you defeat it


The Troll is a lumbering, skull-crushing beast. You will receive two items if you defeat it


The Werewolf is a legendary foe. Fast, agile and powerful. You will receive two items if you defeat it


The Zombie is slow-moving but deadly. You will receive one item if you defeat it

FAQs (frequently asked questions)

Does my character start with a weapon or anything like the character’s silhouette?

Characters effectively start with nothing more than some very rudimentary equipment represented by their base stats. The silhouette shows what they specialise in and what they may become

When I lose health does it roll over to the next life?

No, you simply go back to the start tile and beginning with full health minus one life. The exception is the Vampire’s Teeth where damage rolls over

Tornado, Witches claw, Vampire’s teeth, Imp’s teeth, Sorcerer’s skull

Do these affect characters only on my tile?

No, these spells work on any character, anywhere in the dungeon. For the solo game, you may discard these and redraw if they turn up

Can you swap items mid-fight?
Yes, you can swap items with other players (if on the same tile) or switch items around on your character sheet at any time, even during a fight. You can also swap between RANGE and Melee. E.g. You fire your bow, swap to the sword and move into melee (hand-to-hand) all on your turn

Can I use the invisibility cloak to sneak past the dragon and leave the dungeon?
Yes, if you are lucky enough to find the cloak and don’t fumble your roll! you can sneak past

My Dwarf encounters a mirror monster when he is wounded and only has 8 health, instead of 11. Does the Mirror monster start with 11 health or 8?

The Mirror monster will have a health of 8 in this case, it mirrors what you have at the time of meeting it, (combat and health) e.g. for the dwarf it’s 2D6 +3 health which he has when meeting the Mirror Monster, but you DO NOT add your gained weapons or bonus items to the Mirror Monster’s stats

How does the Reacher’s sting work?

When you engage the Reacher by melee (hand-to-hand) attack (on the same tile) and you take damage, as with a normal monster, then everybody in the range of 4 tiles, takes half of the amount of that damage rounded down. On an intersection, that will be 4 tiles in each direction (a radius). A reacher doesn’t need line of sight with its tentacles


Can I do anything else after a combat Ends?

Ending combat or running away from combat ends your turn unless you retreat/run into a tile with another monster, in which case another combat begins. If you escape without attacking, e.g you walk into a monster and leave again (with no combat), you can continue your go

DO I need to have APs to keep fighting a monster?

No, Hand-to-hand combat doesn’t need AP’s unless required by an item

What happens if a player and the monster get the same combat score?

It’s a standoff. Clang! go the swords.

Can you have more than one tag partner at the same time?

No. only one person can tag in to help. If that Tag partner dies before you do, then you can tag in another player if you have enough APs

I know two-handed weapons will use both hands to hold (taking up both boxes) but when I am not using them will they take up 2 slots?

A two-handed weapon will only take up one (non-symboled) slot in a backpack

Does Tagging affect ranged attack?

No, tagging is only for Melee (hand-to-hand) combat


When a character helps another, do you only add a third die or can we add all modifiers together and use weapons of both characters?

The tag partner is in a fight, they just give you additional dice to help you in combat. (they are supporting you and this is the benefit)

When does a critical happen?

Critical hits happen when all of the dice are rolled to show the same number. You add up all of the numbers you rolled and double them, After that you can add any additional bonuses from character cards and items you may have. Monsters do not get critical hits

Can you steal the Ring?

Yes, the ring can be stolen with the witch’s claw. Or if you kill someone it will be dropped

Does the Ring take up a backpack slot?

No. Place the ring under your meeple so that everyone can see it.

If I have the invisibility cloak can I walk past the dragon?

Yes, you can. Roll the dice and if you succeed AND you have the ring then you can escape

How does the healer’s ability work?

The Healer gets three heals for the entire game and each time they cast a heal it costs 3APs. They can choose to heal as many people as they want on their tile with a single heal. “Group hug guys!”

If you have any dungeoneering questions? drop us an email, tweet or Facebook and we’ll try to get back to you within one sleep. Enjoy the game