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bag of dungeon 2 - the cursed forest
Bag of Dungeon 2: The Cursed forest

Can you survive the cursed forest?

A once beautiful forest has become a cursed and poisoned place, full of evil creatures. Dare you enter its deadly realm to seek the ancient Maiden Tree and lift the curse? Brave adventurers, step out of the light and into the dark…

Bag of Dungeon 2: The Cursed Forest is a tile-laying fantasy adventure game for 1-4 players or an expansion for the original Bag of Dungeon. Build the forest as you go, encounter and do battle with fierce monsters, find weapons, armour and magic items to aid you, and try not to die.

Simple to set up, quick to learn and easy to play, but it’s no walk in the woods
Randomised tile-laying system spawns a different forest labyrinth every game
Find deadly weapons and powerful magic items to aid you in your quest
Includes the short story ‘The Curse of Calen Taur’, a forest tale
Collect the hidden brood seeds and save the elven forest from the evil sorcerer
Do battle with a multitude of ferocious monsters and evade treacherous traps
Assemble your adventuring party from eight new fantasy heroes
A lot of game in a handy little travel bag. Play anytime, any place, anywhere

The short story booklet included with every game

A stand-alone game or connect to Bag of Dungeon for an even bigger, epic adventure!

Play on its own or connect with Bag of Dungeon for an even bigger adventure

What kind of game is Bag of Dungeon 2?

This is the perfect old-school ‘dungeon (forest) crawler’, designed to be simple to set up and learn and quick and easy to play. It’s low complexity rating means it’s perfect for first-time gamers and families, and because the whole game fits in a bag, you can carry your dungeon with you wherever life’s real adventures take you.

But don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the game. The forest can be tough, sometimes almost unbeatable. And because every game is different, it will keep you fighting, looting and dying over and again for many happy hours.

Bag of Dungeon 2: The Cursed Forest

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