bag of dungeon a fantasy adventure game

Latest rules

Version 2.2 (English) is now split into standard (great for new players!) and advancedAll rules below can be used with any printed version of the game

Version 1.1 in other languages


bag of dungeon a fantasy adventure board game

FREE Print & Play addons for your Bag of Dungeon

Bag of Dungeon – Legends Pack – FREE download

Legends is a print-and-play expansion for Bag of Dungeon. It adds a new Wizard Character Card (with spells), Skill tokens which can be used for instant power-ups or as permanent skills (upgrades), and Hidden-agenda Cards which allow players to win additional kills (victory points) at the end of the game.

Legends A Bag of Dungeon board game expansion

Minotaur & Halfling (Kickstarter Edition) – FREE download

The Minotaur and Halfling Bag of Dungeon characters were originally included in the Kickstarter Edition but now you can also take these additional heroes down your very own dungeon. Also included with this download is a blank character card so you can create you very own dungeon adventurer.

bag of dungeon - kickstarter extra characters minotaur and halfling