Since we started designing board games we have always wanted to keep our plastics use to a minimum. Whilst we may still need the odd bit of plastic, we aim to keep our production process as green as possible. So if you don’t like our games you can even recycle them. Let’s hope that’s not the case:)

To let people know, we have created a fancy green gaming logo to go on our new boxes. We want to share this with others in the hope that we can start the green gaming revolution!

green gaming - little or no plastics used

We may only have a few games under our belt (more on the way) but we can safely say we always try to avoid plastics whenever we can in making them. And we were chuffed to get this recent Tabletop Gaming review of Bag of Dungeon that noticed this… thanks, guys!

The art is minimal, This endears it to me…. In a different universe, this would be a box weighed down with a couple of kilos of plastic minis, so we have that to be thankful for. Source: @TabletopMag – Tabletop Gaming Magazine

bag of dungeon a fantasy adventure board game

We are looking to the future for green family gaming and trying to do our bit. Make a luck roll. It’s not official, it’s not certified, but it is sent with love from us to you.

Tim Sharville – Game Designer – Gunpowder Studios

FREE logo download (light and dark) PDF: Green gaming logo by Gunpowder Studios

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