kastles the new family card game


kastles family card game

A krackingly good castle defence card game for the young to the middle ages

Kastles is a fast and furious battling card game where you pit your wits against your enemies and watch them crumble in defeat as you defend your stronghold and plot their destruction.

2nd Edition – Out Now

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ideal game for age 6 and up, 2-4 players, 20 minutes, not too taxing

The best game your groats can buy!

Every game is different as you use your cards to plan your attacks – deploying gunpowder, flaming arrows, lethal catapults, saboteurs and even a wizard to control and command the fearsome dragon

Kastles is a simple game! You will play cards from your hand to destroy the kastle walls of other players while defending your own. The last kastle standing wins the game.

kastles card game example of play

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kastles card game

So many combinations, so simple to play! Allowing you to attack, defend and surprise your opponents.

kastles card game

A fast and fun game of defence and attack, strategy and resources. Can you become the King of the Kastle?