Kastles a new family card game by Gunpowder Studios – London

A krackingly good castle defense card game for the young to the Middle Ages

Kastles is a fast and furious battling card game where you get to pit your wits against your enemies and watch them crumble in defeat as you defend your stronghold and plot their destruction.

The best card game groats can buy!

Kastles card game

kastles card game castle defense

More fun than boiling toads! – Witch Magazine

kastles fun simple card game

Great for settling family feuds! – Alfred the Great

Kastles simple card game setup

Can be fiddly with gauntlets on! – Joan of Arc

Every game is different as you use your cards to plan your attacks – deploying gunpowder, flaming arrows, lethal catapults, saboteurs and even a wizard to control and command the fearsome dragon. Easy to learn, fun to play and not very educational.

So if you are looking for new family game ideas for the children, games for kids aged 8, 9 or 10 up to adult, card games about castles or castle defence games, tower defence or strategy games, games with wizards & dragons, new family games for this year, indoor card and board games and great travel or holiday games why not check out Kastles. A real punch-up in your pocket!

No Screen Required!


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