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bag of dungeon legends expansion

Welcome to Bag of Dungeon Legends

Legends is a character expansion for Bag of Dungeon. It adds a new Wizard Character Card (with spells), Skill tokens which can be used for instant power-ups or as permanent skills (upgrades), and Hidden-agenda Cards which allow players to win additional kills (victory points) at the end of the game. Plus we have added the original Kickstarter characters, the Halfling and Minotaur.


Bag of Dungeon LEGENDS pack now available to buy. Printed on card and cut to size

bag of dungeon legend cards
bag of dungeon legend cards

How to use your Legends cards

Skill tokens

You gain skill tokens from successful actions during the game. You can then use them in that game for instant power-ups against traps and enemies or you can place them on an upgrade card (see below) for a permanent in-game effect. If you lose a life, you keep all your unused skill tokens and any that you have committed to an upgrade card, for use on your next life.

To gain tokens

  • Take a skill token instead of drawing an item
  • Take a skill token if you help in a tag and win the fight

Instant use

Instant use of skill tokens is cumulative for Duck, Dive and Leggit. You can use more than one token to multiply an effect or as a combo of any of the three effects as long as you have the skill tokens available. Dragon Drop can only be performed by one player, once per game.

Duck: Spend 1 skill token to avoid 1 damage

Dive: Spend 2 skill tokens to dodge a trap and avoid all damage

Leggit: Spend 2 skill tokens to dash 5 spaces (uses no APs, take no retreat damage)

Dragon drop: Spend 4 skill tokens to weaken the Red Dragon for the remainder of the game. Use once she is revealed, immediately reducing her health to 12.

Upgrade cards

Choose an upgrade card at the start of a game and place it next to your character card, with your chosen side, face up. You can only use an upgrade card that matches your character’s race or class. To activate an upgrade skill spend 2 skill tokens and Place a red counter on a skill of your choice. That is now a permanent skill for the rest of the game unless stated otherwise. You can place skill tokens on your card at any time, but you may not remove or move skill tokens once you have placed them on your card. Some skills have an Action Point (AP) cost.


Hidden-agenda cards

Hidden-agenda cards give you extra kills (victory points) if you manage to stay true to your deeper character and fulfil the criteria on the card by the end of the game. To play with hidden-agenda cards, shuffle and deal one card to each player at the start of the game. Hidden agenda cards should be kept secret from other players. Rumbled Once per game, you may attempt to guess the hidden agenda of another player and reveal their secret intentions. Each player gets one attempt to guess the agenda of each other player. If you guess correctly, their agenda is revealed and you receive a skill token from the supply. If you guess incorrectly, their agenda remains secret and they receive a skill token.


Legends designed by Russ Law with Tim and Paul Sharville © Gunpowder Studios