kastles card game in play

Why do kids love card games? Why do adults love card games? in fact why does anyone love a card game? ok maybe not everyone, but most people know of at least one great game that turned up in the last batch of holiday or birthday gifts, everyone loves ‘Dobble’, drunk grownups love ‘Cards against humanity’ (ooh interesting playing that one with your Nan!) or maybe an old favourite like ‘UNO’ or the fabulous ‘Pitt’ (one of our favourites) “Corner!”, let’s face it card games rock! They are small enough to carry in your top pocket, often cheap enough to buy with your pocket money and you can play a host of different scenarios and themes. Everything from the intricate and quite ‘complicated for grown-ups’ Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game to the hugely popular ‘Magic the Gathering. All with beautiful artwork and varying levels of complexity.

Kids see so much more than just the game when they play. Suddenly they are transported slap-bang into the middle of their imagination. If you watch them at work you get a real insight into how the teenage brain works even with those hormones screaming through their system. And card games teach kids far more than just how to play card games. They build skills such as resource management, negotiation, how to buy and sell, resilience and ultimately a primaeval desire to win. And that last one is maybe not so popular on the primary school playing fields these days, but a little bit of competition is good for all of us.

Most good independent games are theme-based e.g. fantasy or trading games and here at the Kastles or Gunpowder Studios HQ we already have another 4 new games on the bench, games that put you in the theatre of escapism whether it be a battling game, a trading game or maybe a kid’s cooking game. Some of the best games on our shelves today from independent to mainstream toy and games shops take you out of your day-to-day routine and firmly plonk you on the battlements of your very own castle. A non-passive bridge between literature, comic books and kitchen table theatre.

We love to gamify our lives. That’s not to say our lives are boring, but if we can step into the boots of a pirate looting the English on the Caribbean seas, or sit in the seat of a world war one Sopwith camel, then we can harness our imagination to help us role-play the skills we need in life.

Kastles is one of those games. Well, we like to think so. When you watch kids and adults play our games, down come to the shutters to the outside world and for twenty minutes you have nothing to concern you but how to take out your enemies and keep your footing.

Escape from the hum and beat your drum! Why not try this simple but effective card game. Be a twenty-minute tyrant then get back to the homework later.

The toys are back in town!

Buy your copy of Kastles today and spend some quality family time reducing your parents to a pile of rubble. No screen required.