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Latest news and products from Gunpowder Studios

The Incredible Creatures of the Secret Ark

At the time of the Great Flood, Noah sailed away on his ark, unaware that he had left behind a group of animals. Little did he know at night they had been sneaking into Noah’s boatyard for oddments of timber. By the time the first drops of rain fell, they...

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Picklemouse Pumpkin

A lonely mouse, living in a house on a hill, receives an unexpected letter from his Great Uncle Jack. Back from his travels, Jack’s coming to visit, and he’s not alone. For the first time in his life, Picklemouse Pumpkin’s little house is about to become gloriously...

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Telling Tales: Short Stories by Marion Sharville

Marion Sharville’s fourth anthology moves from poetry to a treasury of her short stories – picked from the wealth of a long lifetime’s work, not yet over at 94. Telling Tales spans many years and many topics, as ever hallmarked with humour and humanity. In reading,...

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Daisy Chain by Marion Sharville

Some months after the death of James, her husband of almost forty years, Daisy receives a surprise invitation from James’ younger brother to accompany him on a cruise around the Greek islands. Daisy has never been abroad and is still grieving for her husband, but...

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