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A lonely mouse, living in a house on a hill, receives an unexpected letter from his Great Uncle Jack. Back from his travels, Jack’s coming to visit, and he’s not alone. For the first time in his life, Picklemouse Pumpkin’s little house is about to become gloriously busy.

Picklemouse Pumpkin is an illustrated rhyming story aimed at younger children. It celebrates friendship, working together, and sharing different cultures. This delightful story is played out through the characterful drawings of illustrator Tim Sharville and the simple, engaging verse of poet Marion Sharville. Children learning to read will be able to use Picklemouse Pumpkin to develop their self-reading skills, and pre-reading-age children can explore the story through the pictures, either on their own or while being read to. Picklemouse Pumpkin is a story to be read again and again, enjoyed and cherished for years to come. © 2012