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7 Moons Fantasy Board Game

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7 Moons is a magical fantasy board game of strategy and adventure for 1-4 players. Comes in standard or deluxe editions. Ages 7 and up


A magical fantasy adventure board game for 1-4 players

In 7 Moons you play royal emissaries sent out by your monarch into the kingdom of Dragon Reach to ready your city for war against the approaching Shadow Army. How will you raise enough gold to strengthen your city’s defences and recruit allies to fight with you? Will you trade resources on the volatile market, hoping for a healthy profit? Will you risk venturing into the lawless wilderness for its magical riches? Or will you embark on a quest in aid of others to earn your gold?

What kind of game is 7 Moons?

7 Moons is an easy to learn, fun to play game of strategy, acquisition and adventure in a mythical, magical land. We’ve designed it to have wide appeal, good for a Sunday post-roast family gathering or for more experienced gamers looking for some light adventuring, with enough challenges to test your gaming chops. Gameplay includes a nice mix of mechanics – trading, questing, journeying, building and combat – to keep things interesting and give players plenty of choice as to how their adventure plays out. The Shadow Army is a tough opponent at the end of the game, but if you’ve planned and played well, your city will be fine. Probably. Possibly.

What’s in the standard box?

Game box, 4-way folding game board, 12-page rulebook, solo rule booklet, 4 character cards (double-sided, male and female), 1 market board, 3 market dice, 1 moonrise tracker board, 12 wooden player meeples, 12 wooden stronghold towers, 18 ally tokens, 5 large magic artefact tokens, 1 Shadow Army token, 12 shadow cards, 12 wilderness encounter cards, 12 quest cards, 1 reference card, 8 player dice, 46 treasury coins (plus spares), 8 faerie tokens, 6 dragon crystal tokens, 4 quest tokens and 9 story tokens

7 moons fantasy board game standard

What’s in the deluxe box?

All of the above plus: 7 Moons velvet bag with 46 gold (metal) Dragon Reach coins, 18 wooden ally meeples, 9 wooden wilderness encounter campfires

7 moons fantasy board game deluxe

Both games are exactly the same in gameplay.

Additional information

Weight 1300 g
Dimensions 21 × 21 × 6 cm

Standard, Deluxe

5 reviews for 7 Moons Fantasy Board Game

  1. Michael

    Gorgeous game. Easy to learn. Great story. SO. MUCH. FUN! I love fantasy themed games like this and 7 Moons ticked all the boxes for me! Counting the days I get to hang with friends and play this again.

  2. Darren Walker

    A exhilarating and interactive game where imagination takes hold of the player with the characters you portray. I would prefer a bigger board and bigger font on the cards as those like myself who are partially sighted would enjoy the game even more. I like the idea of the quest card but maybe a consideration could be to start with these at the begging of the game. Overall brilliant. I have recommended to other game players I know that like dungeons and dragons.

  3. Lucy

    Only 7 moons until impending doom!! I love the way the game speeds up towards the end, it has a forward momentum. I also like the balance between wanting to win and stay alive, but also needing the other players to be doing moderately well as you need to work both alone and as a team at the end. Working just for yourself is not always the best play. The coins are particularly lovely.

  4. Mike

    This is a great game, easy to play, yet complex enough to keep your interest as it comes to a head. Tactics, chance and teamplay all count as you have to get yourself ready for the exciting endgame. Well done Gunpowder!

  5. Jason

    Really enjoyed playing this as one of the playtesters. It’s simple enough for beginners but has enough depth for experienced gamers. Love the gold coins too!

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