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Bag of Dungeon – A mini-fantasy adventure game in a bag


A tile-based dungeon-crawling game of exploring, slaying monsters and stealing treasure. Packed into a single bag, BoD is an easy-to-learn adventure game where 1-4 players enter a magical underground labyrinth on a quest to find the Ring of Creation before escaping with their lives and their loot.

A mini-roleplaying adventure game in a bag

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Pre-order NOW to receive the Kickstarter Edition – Numbers are limited!

We are currently in print production and will be taking stock of our Kickstarter edition of Bag of Dungeon around October 2019. Will be printing more than originally planned due to the success of the campaign. It’s, therefore, cheaper to print more and in larger numbers with the first run so we will have copies available to sell. If you missed the Kickstarter campaign now is the time to pre-order your copy of this game. You will receive:

  • The full Kickstarter Edition
  • Two extra character cards (the minotaur and the halfling)
  • The new wooden (not metal) exclusive BoD ring
  • 11 Dragon Scroll expansion cards

Bag of Dungeon, the game…

… is a dungeon crawler tile-based game harking back to the good old deadly days of adventuring, exploring dungeons, slaying monsters and stealing treasure. It’s a simple-to-play tabletop game where a party of 1-4 players explores the ever-changing catacombs in a quest to find the Ring of Creation before escaping with their lives and their loot.

But can you trust your fellow adventurers? As you embark on your adventure and set foot in the dungeon, you are all loyal to the quest and each other. But once the Ring is discovered it will cast a shadow of doubt and deceit over those who seek to steal it. You may decide that being a lone wolf is a far smarter choice than loyalty, even if it means the death of your former companions.

You will encounter monsters, find treasure and use items to stay alive and hopefully escape with the Ring before the dungeon seals itself shut, imprisoning for all eternity anyone who remains.

The game has a simple but clever mechanic; great for young and/or new gamers to learn fast and take part while still giving more experienced gamers a satisfying time at the table. The game takes 20-60 minutes and changes every time you play.

bag of dungeon a mini-fantasy adventure in a bag

Hit points…

  • Play alone or with up to four players
  • Work as a team or turn on your fellow adventurers
  • Delve deeper and deeper into the dungeon to find the Ring
  • Defeat monsters and receive loot
  • Collect spells, potions, weapons and armour
  • Use bows and spells to fight from afar or get up close with your trusty weapon to defeat the dwellers that lurk below
  • Simple set up and easy to play
  • Lightning-fast combat, simple but rewarding
  • Broad appeal across different ages and experience
  • Small, lightweight and great for holidays, travel or gaming clubs
  • Created with a simple black, white and red design so as to fuel your own imagination and encourage roleplaying
  • Everything an adventurer needs… in a bag


The object of the game is to get in, get the Ring of Creation, and get out.

Players take turns to move their character deeper into the dungeon, fighting monsters and gaining weapons, armour, potions and spells that will aid them in discovering the Ring and escaping the dungeon. As soon as any character reaches the exit with the Ring, the dungeon seals itself shut forever, along with any adventurers still inside.

Work as a cooperative party but watch your back!

Many players prefer the loyal approach, working together and helping each other towards shared success. But once the Ring is revealed it can play on the weak-minded. Will you stick together, fight back to back and drink to a successful alliance in the tavern that night, or will you attempt to escape alone, slaying any who stand in your way?

Allegiances can be made and broken, lies and mistrust become the new enemies, and no-one will truly know who is for or against them until they emerge alive into the sunlight once more.

Heroes, monsters and loot

The characters are based on the classic adventure types: dwarf, elf, human and healer. All character cards have a male/female version. We will produce more add-ons and characters in the future.

The dungeon is packed with monsters, each hell-bent on slaying the characters who dare enter their domain. Monsters are drawn randomly from the Monster Bag and remain in the dungeon until killed. From goblins to trolls, zombies to snakes, mad monks to the legendary red dragon… you’d better hope that you’ve found the famed Dragon Lance when you meet her!

Players also receive items from the Loot Bag, providing weapons, armour, spells, potions and magic items to aid them in their quest.

what would you do next in bag of dungeon

Exploring the dungeon

Dungeon tiles are drawn from the pile. They are laid so that an open edge joins another, creating a logical path through the dungeon. Every game is different. Finding your way in is easy; getting out is a different matter – avoiding or slaying more monsters, finding the safest and quickest route, and oftentimes doing battle with your former comrades to survive and escape.


Combat is quick and dirty with a simple but rewarding mechanic, pitting a character’s armour and items against its opponent’s. Fighting is played out simultaneously, reducing health with each roll until one or other of the combatants is dead or the character escapes. Defeat a monster and the character gets an item from the Loot Bag. Lose and your character drops all its items and is sent back to the entrance, losing one of its three lives. Lose all three lives and your game is over. You have failed in your quest.

bag of dungeon a mini-fantasy adventure in a bag range weapons

Range weapons allow you to fight from afar.

Solo game

Bag of Dungeon can be played solo. You can control up to four characters but you only get one life each. Try an easier version with all four characters or test your luck and skill by taking a lone adventurer into the darkness of the dungeon.

“It started as a simple adventure with a friendly group of dungeoneers until one player decided to take the Ring for himself and leave the rest of us to die. Then things got really interesting, and the whole game went up a gear.” Russ, Playtester

Game contents

Bag of Dungeon comes in a printed cotton bag and contains:

  • 1 Monster Bag and 1 Loot Bag
  • 40-floor tiles
  • 30 monster tiles
  • 40 item tiles
  • 8 double-sided character cards with backpacks (male and female)
  • 2 limited edition Kickstarter only, double-sided character cards (minotaur and hobbit)
  • 16 coloured cubes
  • 4 coloured meeples
  • 2 six-sided dice
  • 1 BoD Ring of Creation
  • 1 large cotton bag
  • 11 (not 10), Dragon Scrolls, new challenges and quests to add to your BoD world!
  • All comes in a fancy and original printed box for storage and stacking

bag of dungeon a mini-fantasy adventure in a bag character cards

With added Dragon Scrolls

You will also receive 11 (not 10), new challenges and quests to add to your BoD world!

bag of dungeon dragon scrolls

© Gunpowder Studios

View the original Kickstarter campaign here

Additional information

Weight500 g
Dimensions25 × 25 × 12 cm


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