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Bag of Dungeon – A mini-fantasy adventure game in a bag

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A tile-based dungeon-crawling game of exploring, slaying monsters and stealing treasure. Packed into a single bag, BoD is an easy-to-learn adventure game where 1-4 players enter a magical underground labyrinth on a quest to find the Ring of Creation before escaping with their lives and their loot.

A mini-roleplaying adventure game in a bag


Now in stock and shipping worldwide. Kickstarter Edition

A brand new fantasy adventure game in a bag… in a box.

  • The full Kickstarter Edition
  • Two extra character cards (the minotaur and the halfling)
  • The new wooden (not metal) exclusive BoD ring
  • 11 Dragon Scroll expansion cards

Hit Points…

  • Play alone or with up to four players
  • Work as a team or turn on your fellow adventurers
  • Delve deeper and deeper into the dungeon to find the Ring
  • Defeat monsters and receive loot
  • Collect spells, potions, weapons and armour
  • Use bows and spells to fight from afar or get up close with your trusty weapon to defeat the dwellers that lurk below
  • Simple set up and easy to play
  • Lightning-fast combat, simple but rewarding
  • Broad appeal across different ages and experience
  • Small, lightweight and great for holidays, travel or gaming clubs
  • Created with a simple black, white and red design so as to fuel your own imagination and encourage roleplaying
  • Everything an adventurer needs… in a bag

You will encounter monsters, find treasure and use items to stay alive and escape with the Ring before the dungeon seals itself shut, imprisoning for all eternity anyone who remains. A game for dungeoneers young or old. For a full game description including downloadable rules in Italian, French, German and Spanish see here: Bag of Dungeon

Additional information

Weight970 g
Dimensions25 × 25 × 12 cm

2 reviews for Bag of Dungeon – A mini-fantasy adventure game in a bag

  1. Jason – London

    A fun game which is easy to play with a high ceiling of options. Great for new or old gamers.

  2. Andrew

    Really enjoyed playing this down the pub with a few old gamer chums. Old school, perfect!

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