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Bag of Dungeon LEGENDS expansion cards

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A fun character expansion to be used with any Bag of Dungeon game.

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Legends is an expansion for Bag of Dungeon. It adds a new Wizard Character Card (with spells), Skill tokens which can be used for instant power-ups or as permanent skills (upgrades), and Hidden-agenda Cards which allow players to win additional kills (victory points) at the end of the game. Plus we have added the original Kickstarter characters, the Halfling and Minotaur. Each pack includes:

  • The original Kickstarter extra character cards, the Minotaur and Halfling
  • One new wizard character (Unari), complete with custom spells
  • Seven Skill Token cards, to be used with the characters included in BOD
  • 12 Hidden Agenda cards to be used in any BOD game
  • One Hidden Agenda and Skill Token reference card

These cards are for use with any copy of Bag of Dungeon game. Printed on 350gsm

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Weight 78 g
Dimensions 21 × 14 × 10 cm

1 review for Bag of Dungeon LEGENDS expansion cards

  1. Justin Roley

    Bag of Dungeons is a great game that scratches that dungeon crawling itch in such a way that it is really quite remarkable… well Legends cranks that experience up to 11! New heroes, new skills, and new hidden objectives only add to the core experience and avoid the common failure of expansions, being that it keeps the focus on the core game and improves the formula rather than distracting with unnecessary bloat. If you haven’t played this yet, what are you waiting for?

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