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Tight Red Pants the card game

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A real pack with a punch! Grab your copy of this great new game today. FREE UK postage


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Crystopolis is ravaged by crime!

Archvillains rule the streets, making life downright miserable and dangerous for our good citizens. Their only hope is a small band of local residents, dedicated to upholding the law, protecting the public and banishing the evil, marauding monsters from this once great city.

Tight Red Pants is a simple to play, fun superhero battling card game that will keep your little heroes (and grown-up ones!) entertained for hours. Comes with everything you need to save the city including the world’s first flat dice! A game for 2-4 players aged 8 up up and away!

Warning: May cause friction

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Weight114 g
Dimensions11 × 8.5 × 3 cm

2 reviews for Tight Red Pants the card game

  1. Steve P

    It’s more complicated than Kastles but has an original combat system (love the dice card) a nice antidote to the non stop super hero movie franchise wagon!

  2. Alastair Penny

    Great quirky game with fantastic fun graphics. Lots of fun for all the family. A great follow up to Gunpowders original Kastles game.

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