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Rabbito Board Game

A game for pushy rabbits

Rabbito Featured in Best Games Magazine of 2023

Welcome to the carrot patch!

It’s every rabbit for themselves in this delightful new game for rabbit lovers everywhere.

As spring turns to summer, fresh juicy carrots are popping up all over the carrot patch, and there’s nothing the local rabbits love more than to bounce, steal and burrow to build the biggest stash of their favourite tasty treats!

Rabbito is a simple to play board game for 2-4 players, ages 5 to adult

rabbito the family board game for pushy rabbits
Rabbito - Classic kids game with all wooden pieces
Rabbito - Push those carrots and rake em' up!

What kind of game is Rabbito?

Rabbito is a light-strategy game that’s quick to set up, super easy to learn and takes about 20 minutes to play.

On the surface Rabbito is a simple game of rabbit racing and carrot stealing, but you’ll need to use your noggin to plan your best moves, position your rabbit for maximum pushiness and avoid getting shoved down a warren hole and losing your carrots.

Younger players will love Rabbito’s bright colours, fun components and fast gameplay. Older players will discover that this clever little game can leave you hopping mad if you’re not the wiliest wabbit in the warren.

Rabbito - Chunky, grabbable rabbits and rakes
Rabbito - A 14 carrot game for all the family
Rabbito - Bags of fun and carrots for everyone!
Rabbito - An easy to play carrot collecting game
Rabbito - 2 minutes to set up, 10 minutes to play
Rabbito - Picked, packed and ready to play!
Rabbito is featured in Best Games of 2023 magazine
rabbito - it's crunch time!