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rabbito a board game for pushy rabbits

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As spring turns to summer, fresh juicy carrots are popping up all over the carrot patch, and there’s nothing the local rabbits love more than to bounce, steal and burrow to build the biggest stash of their favourite tasty treats!

It’s every rabbit for themselves in this delightful roll ‘n’ run family game of competitive carrot rustling for 2 to 4 players.

rabbito a strategy rabbit game
rabbito - it's crunch time!

Rabbito is a light-strategy game that’s quick to set up, super easy to learn and takes about 20 minutes to play. 

On the surface Rabbito is a simple game of rabbit racing and carrot stealing, but you’ll need to use your noggin to plan your best moves, position your rabbit for maximum pushiness and avoid getting shoved down a warren hole and losing your carrots.

rabbito - this game's got legs
rabbito the family board game for pushy rabbits
  • Quick to learn, fast-paced fun
  • Set up and play in a few minutes
  • Tactile 3D rabbits and rakes – custom designed for the game
  • Branded canvas bag to hold all the carrots
  • Quirky raised wooden game board on sturdy legs
  • Great for kids – encourages problem-solving and lots of social rabbiting
  • Fun for grown-ups too – perfect with beer and pizza
rabbito carrot
rabbito the family board game for pushy rabbits
rabbito the family board game for pushy rabbits

Rabbito will be our first game that introduces the joy of tabletop gaming to younger players. Throughout design and playtesting we were determined to stay faithful to our original idea of simple and quick gameplay,  balancing interactive fun and light strategy and bringing you a cute and colourful bunny bonanza in a box.

rabbito includes 3D custom designed rabbits and rakes
designing rabbito the board game

From the outset we wanted Rabbito to look like a lot of fun right out of the box, with lots of nice touchy-feely pieces and tactile mechanics that would appeal particularly to younger players.

with rabbito we 3D printed many test copies

Hare today, gone tomorrow. All our rejects now live happily in a rabbit sanctuary and eat carrots all day long

rabbito board game prototype

Using state-of-the-art (bunny technology) we 3D printed many copies to test

rabbito board game prototype

We’ve enjoyed many hours of playtesting to make sure this little gem of a game is a 14-carrot winner with gamers of all ages.

Wish us luck and for now… That’s all folks!

rabbito one of your five-a-day board games
Credits: Rabbit breeder: Tim Sharville – Design and concept • Rabbit trainer: Russ Law – Co-design and mechanics • Rabbit rabbit: Paul Sharville – Writer • Carrot counter: Mick the Monk – Finance and big calculator • Rabbito video music, © a big thanks to: Kevin MacLeod