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The First Chronicle: Secrets of the Ancients

Messengers from the tower of the Magi have arrived at each city, sent by the wizards with ancient knowledge that could help in your fight to save the realm. They tell you the location of three powerful artefacts hidden for safekeeping by the ancient order of wizards when the Reach was first gifted by the dragons. Find and recover the items to use against the Shadow Army. 

Set up

  1. Place the Book story token on the North Bridge.
  2. Place the Chalice story token at Faerie Lake (do not place a wilderness token here).
  3. Place the Stone Tablets story token near the Old Bridge.

Casting the defence spell

Collect any two artefacts to create one of the following defence spells:

  1. Cast a Shield spell above your city to protect it from any two City attacks (not Realm attacks) by the Shadow Army.
  2. Cast a Storm spell to slow the Shadow Army. Retreat the Shadow Army token on the Moonrise Track by 1.

The artefacts

Each of the quests below may be attempted once per turn.

1. The Magic Book

You find the entrance to a damp cave in the riverbank beneath the bridge, and from the smell realise that this is home to a troll. You spy the troll sleeping at the back of the cave. Next to it is the book, which the troll has used to trap a fairy between its pages and bind it with twine. You reach carefully for the book…

  • Roll 2 dice. If you own the Invisibility Cloak, add +3 to your dice roll.
  • 2-7 – FAIL. The troll hears you and grabs you. You manage to wrench yourself away and run. Either lose one magic item or three dice worth of gold.
  • 8-12 – SUCCESS. You grab the book and free the faerie, which becomes your companion. You may choose any faerie as a companion. You may also exchange a faerie companion you already have for any other faerie.

2. The Crystal Chalice

The Faerie Lake is home to a small temple. In the middle of the temple is a chalice on a tall plinth. You reach for the chalice…

  • Roll 2 dice.
  • Make an offering: you may discard resources to improve your dice roll. Each resource you discard adds +1 to your result.
  • 2-7 – FAIL. There is a deafening noise. The ground rumbles beneath your feet and the chalice disappears. You are not worthy to hold the chalice. Advance the Shadow Army token on the Moonrise Track by 1
  • 8-12 – SUCCESS. You lift the chalice from its plinth.

3. The Stone Tablets

Something shimmers in a nearby pool. As you wade into the water to take a closer look, a slimy tentacle strikes out from the water and grabs you…

  • Roll 2 dice. If you have a faerie companion, it flies back and forth, distracting the slimy creature. Add +4 to your dice roll.
  • 2-6 – FAIL. The tentacles thrash at you and beat you back. Your turn ends.
  • 7-12 – SUCCESS. You hack at the tentacles and it retreats back into the pool. You claim the stone tablets.