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A Cure for the King

This is a solo story for use in a 1-player game.

Your king is gravely ill after a Shadow Army assassin broke into the royal apartments and poisoned him while he slept. Neither the physicians nor the witches can identify the poison beyond its deadly purpose. All are helpless to aid the King. The assassin escaped and is abroad in the Reach. The King’s only hope is for you to catch and kill the assassin and see whether they carry an antidote. It will not be easy to find this elusive killer, but you must be as swift as you can in finding them. Your king lies dying and will not live to see a fifth moon. Look for the assassin at the oldest mill in the land. The rumour mill. 

Story token placements

  1. Mine token: 1 hex north-west of the Old Bridge
  2. Graveyard token: 3 hexes north-west of the Dragonmarch Causeway
  3. Well token: 5 hexes south-east of the Tarndell Bridge

Your quest

  1. You have until the 4th Moon to find the cure and deliver it to your king. Otherwise, the King dies (see If the King dies below).
  2. Search: You must track down the assassin and try to surprise them in their hideout. Rangers have reported three locations where recently deserted camps have been found. Travel to any of the three story token locations and roll a dice. On a 5 or 6 you find the assassin and can attempt to kill them (see On finding the assassin below). Searching ends your turn.
  3. The Rumour Mill: You may gather more rumours by paying 5 gold each, at any time during your turn. When you search for the assassin at any of the three locations, you may add +1 to your dice roll for each rumour you have gathered. Rumours are permanent. You may use their dice bonuses again each time you arrive at a location.
  4. No sign: If you do not find the assassin at a location, you must search one of the other two locations before you can return there to search again. You may travel between the three locations and search them as many times as you wish until the 4th Moon rises and the King dies.

If the King dies: Add two Shadow cards to the Shadow Card deck already in play.

On finding the assassin…

You are moving slowly and quietly at night through thick woodland when you spot a pale glow coming from behind a tree. You hear a low voice whispering in a language unknown to you. You slowly draw your sword, and creep forward to surprise the assassin… 

Lightning strike: Roll 2 dice. If you get a double, you have caught the assassin off guard. It is a dark elf. She springs to her feet just a moment too late and you kill her with one swift strike. See Finding the cure below.

She’s too quick! The dark elf assassin rolls out from under your blade strike, but she is clearly disorientated by the surprise attack. You run at her, your sword raised…

  • Roll 2 dice.
  • Invisibility Cloak: Add +4 to your dice roll.
  • Faerie companion: Add +2 to your dice roll.
  • 2-7 – FAIL: The assassin bites on a glass vial, then transforms into a black and purple hornet and flies away. A darkness falls over your city. The King cannot be saved. Your quest is over (see If the King dies above).
  • 8-12 – SUCCESS: This time, you are quicker and spring upon the assassin before she can react, killing her on the spot. You find no antidote, just a picture of a blue flower painted on a piece of goatskin, with the words ‘Travelling Star’ written beneath. You know this plant as a strong healing herb which mysteriously grows within the different ally realms in consecutive years.

Roll 1 dice and travel to the indicated location to pick the herb flower:

  1. The elves of Tarndell
  2. The wizards of the Tower of the Magi.
  3. The witches of Deathberry Hollow
  4. The dwarves of Ironside
  5. The stone giants of Kurun
  6. The barbarians of Freecloud

Once you have the flower, take it back to your city so that the King may be healed.

You have saved your King, and your name is celebrated across the city!

You are rewarded by your Queen with the Guardian Shield. Collect the Shield story token. While you have this item, whenever you roll a 1, you may re-roll that dice (including movement, combat and the Shadow Phase).