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The Second Chronicle: The Darkness

This story features three scenarios, designed to be played together in a single game.

Set up

  1. Shadow Tower: Place a tower on the wilderness island in Faerie Lake (do not place a wilderness token here).
  2. Dragon Shield: Place the shield story token two hexes east of Tarndell Bridge.

Rule changes

  1. If the Shadow Tower is still standing when the Shadow Phase begins add two shadow cards to the Shadow Army deck.
  2. While the Shadow Tower stands and the land is cloaked in darkness, bandits attack in the wilderness on a roll of 1, 2 or 3 and you cannot acquire faerie companions when you travel through faerie gates.

The Shadow Tower

An evil wizard has conjured an enchanted tower, rising tall from the waters of Faerie Lake. The dark magic within the tower is preparing to bring forth more monstrous creatures to swell the Shadow Army when it attacks. As it gathers its strength it casts a darkness across the land and faeries have not been seen since it appeared in their lake. It must be brought down before it is able to complete its enchantment and bring more Shadow Army legions into being.

Assaulting the Shadow Tower

To attack the Shadow Tower you must have a dragon in order to reach the island. Once you reach the tower, you may attempt to destroy it as follows:

  • Roll 2 dice and add +2 for your dragon. If you have the Dragon Shield add a further +2 to your dice roll.
  • 2-7 – FAIL. The tower’s defence is too strong. Your turn ends. You may stay on the island and try again next turn. If you fail twice in a row, your dragon becomes weakened and flees to Dragon Mountain. Place your foot meeple on any hex adjacent to Faerie Lake. You may travel to Dragon Mountain to be reunited with your dragon (this costs no gold).
  • 8-12 – SUCCESS. The tower crumbles and the evil wizard is defeated. Remove the tower and receive 20 gold. You may also immediately draw a Quest Card, even if you already have one.

The Dragon Shield

An angry troll is trying to catch and eat a cow. Slung over the troll’s shoulder is a shield made of black dragon scales. You decide that if you are careful and can get close enough you could use your knife to cut the leather strap and retrieve the shield while the troll is focused on its prey. If you have the Cloak of Invisibility you can immediately steal the shield. Otherwise, roll 1 dice to try to grab the shield from the troll.

  • 1-3 – FAIL. You weren’t able to get close enough. Lose one item (token, money or resources). You may try again next turn.
  • 4-6 – SUCCESS. You sneak up on the busy troll, retrieve the shield and escape.

The Dragon Shield adds +2 to all your combat rolls (does not include Shadow Phase attacks).

Puff’s Story

The first player to travel through a faerie gate hears whispers of a trapped faerie near the Dragonmarch Causeway. Place Puff the faerie three hexes south and one hex south-east of the Dragonmarch Causeway. A dragon fledgling has chased Puff the faerie into a thick web between two trees. Rescue him and he will help you defeat the Shadow Tower.

The first player to reach Puff releases him from the web. Add Puff to your character card. You do not now need a dragon to reach the Shadow Tower. Puff knows about the Shadow Tower, and tells you that if you are able to find him some special ingredients he and his friends can weave a spell of silence around the Shadow Tower and destroy its power. Puff will need some rare flowers from the mountains of Ironside, and mushrooms from the mountains of Stonewood. Place the flower and mushroom story tokens on the map as shown below.

Visit these hexes to gather the ingredients for Puff. When you have both items, travel to the Shadow Tower and let Puff and his faerie helpers cast their spell. Remove the tower from the game. You may keep Puff as a faerie companion or remove him from the game.