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tight red pants the new family card game

Can you defeat the villains? If anyone can, you can!

Tight Red Pants the Card Game

Crystopolis is ravaged by crime, arch villains rule the streets, making life downright miserable and dangerous for our good citizens. Their only hope is a small band of local residents, dedicated to upholding the law, protecting the public and banishing the evil, marauding monsters from this once great city.

Tight Red Pants is a simple to play, fun super hero battling card game that will keep your little heroes (and grown up ones!) entertained for hours. Comes with everything you need to save the city including the world’s first flat dice! A game for 2-4 players aged 8up by Tim Sharville

Warning: May cause friction

tight red pants the super hero battling card game

Beware of Bobzilla! A bit chubby around the gills, but still a danger from the deep

tight red pants the super hero battling card game

Meet Spidernan – A whooly-hatted bingo playing super gran ready to save the city

Tight Red Pants Game

Load up your gadgets and clean up the city!

tight red pant super hero card game by gunpowder studios
a card game suitable for ages 8 up to adult, 2-4 players

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