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No screen required!

Do you have a monosyllabic teenager staring into your fridge? Do you find it hard to get the kids to join in for some family time? Are the new generation of family board games a good bridge back to the kitchen table?

As you all know Santa is dry-cleaning his sack and running a refresher workshop for the elves in preparation for the big 4th quarter Christmas rush. The festive holidays are approaching and you are thinking, what original games or toys can I stuff into the Christmas stocking this year?

Board games bring people together

Over the last few decades, we have seen a rise in the hand-held and consol entertainment industry, over 100 million PlayStations were sold in the UK alone during 2021, the Nintendo DS is still a staple pocket-filler for young gamers and the Xbox stands side-by-side, with over 5 million sold in 2021, it’s a huge market in the ever-growing array of home entertainment systems now sitting under our telly boxes globally.

You don’t have to play solo

That’s ok we love video games and board games can be kind of old-fashioned. Back in the day, where the only choice for a rainy Sunday afternoon was uncles, aunts, siblings and friends who would hack it out over a game of monopoly (does anyone actually finish a game of monopoly?) but after all that, it is a good thing because people have connected. Something we all need to do as humans.

Ships? I see no ships! We can deliver board games this Christmas

An ill wind blows from the east as we all know, shipping lanes are blocked with Panama cigars, delivery costs are 10 times what they were before covid and shops are struggling to stock up in time for the big Christmas push?

We stocked up early! and are ready to fill that gap for great Christmas gifts this year, we have Bag of Dungeon, a fun family fantasy board game of exploring dungeons, defeating monsters, or we have Kastles, a fast and (boulder flinging) castle defence card game that you can pop in your pocket (a great travel game is that one!), and our new game 7 Moons Heroes of Dragon Reach (due for delivery in November for this Christmas) a magical fantasy board game where you get to save your kingdom from the big bad shadow army.

All our games are original, designed by a small elite troupe of game designers and we have more on the way. We sell globally and all our games have FREE UK postage.

Pick up a board game this Christmas and get your family (or friends) to marvel at your originality in taking us back to the paper age!